Free Shipping in the the Continental US! will always make every reasonable effort to assure our site visitor's privacy. We do not sell, lease, or give away any information entrusted to us by our customers and visitors, affiliates, business partners, vendors, contractors, or other entities, business or private, that we may do business with, except as is required to provide services or complete a contract. In short, the only way we will give out this type of information is when a customer or viewer allows us to through an explicit, obvious, and intentional approval, or due to direct order from a legally recognized United States Court of Law.

Information Types

Information in this privacy statement includes, but may not be limited to, personally identifiable information such as names, addresses, social security numbers, email addresses, fax and telephone numbers, purchasing habits, and credit card and/or banking data.

Client Financial Data Handling

Our client's financial information is not stored by for any reason. We use payment services through PayPal through which we invoice and process credit card transactions. If the services our clients need require recurring billing, a recurring amount and frequency is setup through this payment gateway. There is no reason for or any of its representatives or employees to store or record our client's credit card numbers, banking information such as account numbers, or SSN's or EIN's (except if it is required for legitimate tax documentation).
Note that will never ask you to send financial information to us via email. In fact, we advise that you never send critical information via standard email due to its relatively insecure nature. Further, you will not be contacted by some anonomous representative to provide financial or personally identifying information. We have procedures in place to ensure you know who you are doing business with.

Email Policy

We do not maintain email address lists for the purpose of continued unsolicited email marketing campaigns. If you receive an advertisement email from us, it is a one-time email. We may eventually provide a newsletter. However, you will not receive it except through an explicit and obvious signup procedure. Any such permission to send you recurring email can be revoked by clicking on a provided link within the email or in writing. Generally, we recommend using the provided link to process your request more quickly.
We may also contact you via an email address you provide for the purpose of fulfilling a contract obligation. This may include reasons such as questions, clarifications, or electronically transmitting contracts or other documents. We also may provide you with a recurring email reminder services if requested by you.
We do not give your email account information to others, including subcontractors, vendors, or marketing organizations, except with your explicit, obvious, and intended permission. This is only done for the purposes of fulfilling the terms of any binding contract between you and and only with your understanding of why forwarding your information would be required.